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A Guide to Installing MS-DOS and Windows 3.11 For Workgroups on a Legacy PC

  Software and Instructions Included

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9.  Now click on the subnet mask field. It should automatically fill in, if not, enter the same one      that’s from you Main PC.

10. Now enter the same default gateway as on your Main PC.

11.  Now click on DNS

12.  Type the default gateway number from your Main PC into the DNS field, and then click Add,        and then OK.

Reboot the Computer

13.  When entering Windows a “Welcome to Window For Workgroups” screen should come up        asking you to logon.  You can enter a logon name and password.  If you don’t want to use a        password, just click in the empty password field, and click OK.  You won’t get the logon        screen anymore. (Your Legacy PC is configured for the Internet at this point.)

14.  Now go to Main > Control Panel > Network.  Here you can enter a Computer Name (try       WIN31) and type a Workgroup Name.  Use the same workgroup name as your Main PC.  It       can be found by right clicking on Computer > Properties, on your Main PC.

15.  Now you have to share a folder on your Legacy PC hard drive.  Go to Main > File Manager.       (I created a folder on my hard drive like a “My Documents” folder on newer operating       systems.)  Windows 3.11 doesn’t have this, so you must create one. To create a folder       from the File Manager click on the C:\ drive at the top.  From the File Menu choose       Create Directory. Type a name in the box. I chose “Document”.

(An important note about Windows 3.11 and DOS.  All folders and (file names - excluding the extension), must be a maximum of 8 characters.)